About us

We exist for two reasons:

Firstly, it is our mission to ensure that buyers of B2B software make the right decision for them, their organisation and the people who use it. Having the right or wrong tools for a job makes a huge difference to people’s lives, how productive they are and how enjoyable their role is.

We’re starting off by helping organisations to find the best HR system for them. It’s an area where we have a lot of experience, and of all the software used by an organisation, their people-management solutions touch the greatest number of employees. In future we will expand into other areas. We will always put the needs of the buyer first. 

The second reason is innovation.

We help innovative businesses to thrive. Innovation gets us excited. You can see it in our business model. We could have easily decided to copy any of the other established lead generation companies. It would have been safe, sure. But boring. And we wouldn’t have added anything to the world. Instead we wanted to offer an innovative twist on the established order. Something that will benefit both the buyers and sellers of software.

Broadly speaking, innovation occurs in two ways. Incremental improvements to the status quo and giant leaps forward. And it’s the giant leaps forward that advance mankind significantly. Think about it, we didn’t get to supersonic flight by gradually improving the design of hot air balloons.

The trouble is, the big successful companies who lead each market are, in the short term at least, actively disincentivised against pursuing the giant leap forward type of innovation. It disrupts their lovely, safe and lucrative business model.

Instead, the real game changing innovations often come from smaller start-ups that, a few years earlier, most people even in the same industry weren’t even aware of or, if they were, dismissed as a nobody.

But! (There’s always a but.)

For the innovative start-ups to thrive, sooner or later (and preferably sooner) they have to find customers to pay for their innovative solutions.  In many cases, the sales and marketing costs can be cripplingly prohibitive. And while most businesses will know exactly the type of potential customer they want to speak with, the ability to target them doesn’t exist.

Think of all the innovation that doesn’t exist because the nutty professor couldn’t find the first few customers to take a chance on them.

So, they’re the reasons we exist. The things that get us jumping out of bed in the morning excited for the day ahead. And if you want to be a part of our journey, either as a buyer, a seller or even an employee, then we’re love to hear from you.

We are ready when you are! Free HR software advice is right around the corner.